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How to extend the life of your shoes

20 June 2023

We all know the feeling of having to throw away shoes that we love because their life has come to an end. There are a few tricks that you can use to extend the usage and durability of your shoes. Keep tuned and we’ll let you know.

It’s really important that you don’t wear the same shoes every day. It might be hard, especially if they are go-with-everything shoes, but you need to let your footwear breathe. Just alternate between pairs and you should be ok.

Don’t forget your shoes at the back of the closet. Although being the exact opposite of our previous tip, not wearing the shoes for a long time can cause them to lose their appearance (and sometimes their comfort!). Wear your shoes at least once a month or make sure that they get a bit of sun.

Quality is important. It is very tempting to buy lots of shoes at a low price. However, in the long run, you’ll pay more for less, since you’ll have to buy new shoes sooner. When buying shoes make sure that the quality is good, even if it means a higher price.

Use a shoe tree. Better, use a wooden shoe tree. It absorbs moisture, keeps leather clean and maintains the shape of the shoe.

If possible, use a dust bag to store them. It will do wonders for the health of your shoes.

Polish your leather shoes. It will give your shoes more life.

Substitute the soles of your shoes when needed. It might seem a bother, but it will help to keep your shoes in shape.

Fix problems straight away. Noticed a crack on your shoe? Your sole is getting a lit bit worn out? Solve it as quick as you can. That way it won’t evolve to another problem.

Clean your shoes by hand. Yes, it gives you a lot of work but it is worth it, as they will get extra care.


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